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The Library of Congress Facility is a National Historic Landmark and is the largest public library in the United States. Currently the facility consists of three buildings the Thomas Jefferson Building John Adams Building and James Madison Building. The respective vintage of each building is late 1890s mid 1930s and early 1970s. Phase 1 Renovation Restoration Within the Jefferson and Adams buildings Grunley installed new electrical fire alarm and sprinkler systems and upgraded the existing mechanical systems. We also modified and upgraded to code the existing copper and steel sprinkler systems in both buildings. The sprinkler work occurred throughout office space utility space book stacks research space and The Rare Book Vaults. Some of the modifications were performed in orna- mental corridors and pavilions. Grunley also restored all ornamental and flat plaster restored and replicated the historic woodwork upgraded all doors frames and hardware and restored the marble and mo- saic tile elements throughout. Finish work included painting of all areas cleaning of all stone preservation of woodwork and restoration of specialty painting. Phase 2 Renovation Restoration The Phase II renovations updated the building systems in the West Main Pavilion all levels of the north and west wings of the Jefferson building and the south portion of the Adams building. The renovations were similar in scope to those completed during Phase I. Colonnades and Forecourts Grunley constructed six interior freestanding colonnades and installed architectural library casework and shelving within the pavilion areas of the Jefferson Building. Each colonnade was clad with millwork to match the architectural design of the adjacent elements. The forecourt installation added two-story bookcases and shelving the full length of both sides of the pavilion areas. THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - JEFFERSON ADAMS BUILDINGS HISTORIC RENOVATION Washington DC PROJECT AWARDS Associated Builders Contractors National Excellence in Construction Merit Award Library of Congress- Phase II 1995 Most Outstanding Historic Renovation of the Year Library of Congress-Phase II 1995 Excellence in Construction Award Library of Congress-Phase II DC Chapter 1995 Architectural Woodwork Institute Award of Excellence Library of Congress-Phase II 1995 Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Awards for Plaster Electrical Work Ornamental Painting Architectural Millwork and Painting OWNER Architect of the Capitol DATE OF AWARD 1991 COMPLETION DATE 1994 CONTRACT AMOUNT 20.4M Phase I 8.3M Colonnades Forecourts 20M Phase II ARCHITECT Arthur Cotton Moore