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Grunley working with its joint venture partner was the prime contractor on this prestigious project of technical complexity and historic significance. The joint venture cleaned re-pointed andor replaced all blocks of marble stone most dating from 1880. Further the team performed this intricate work from uniquely engineered scaffold- ing that is strategically braced against but not bolted to the monument. Of utmost importance were critical safety issues for both the work crews and the public as the Monument remained open to visitors for much of the project duration. The joint venture fulfilled unique designbuild requirements and coordinated com- plex overlapping work phases to accomplish this high-visibility preservation project that has attracted major national media attention. To meet these challenges within tight time constraints our project manager and superintendent worked closely with the National Park Service and specialty subcontractors. This project won both an Award for Excellence and Special Award from the Associated Builders Contractors. In 2012 Grunley in association with Perini Management Services began repairs to correct damage to the Washington Monument sustained in a 2011 earthquake that hit the Mid-Atlantic region. The scope of work included removal of loose stone fragments securing loose pieces of stone with drilled anchors stone patching via Dutchmen and or mortar patches crack repairs via sealant andor epoxy injection and removal and replacement of the lightning protection system at the Pyramidion. THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT STABILIZATION AND EARTHQUAKE REPAIRS Washington DC PROJECT AWARDS Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award for Exterior Stone Lorton Stone LLC Washington Monument Earthquake Repairs 2014 Associated Builders Contractors ABC Award for Excellence Washington Monument 2000 American Institute of Architects AIA Award of Merit Washington Monument 1999 OWNER National Park Service DATE OF AWARD May 1998 StabilizationPreservation November 2012 Earthquake Repairs COMPLETION DATE June 2000 StabilizationPreservation November 2013 Earthquake Repairs CONTRACT AMOUNT 5.8M StabilizationPreservation 7.8M Earthquake Repairs ARCHITECT Michael Graves Associates StabilizationPreservation Wiss Janney Elstner Associates Earthquake Repairs