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As the General Contractor for the revitalization of The Smithsonian Institutions Arts Industries Building Grunley repaired and restored the building envelope of this Na- tional Historic Landmark. The museum has been closed since 2004 due to a deteriorat- ing roof and failing infrastructure. This phase was the second of three and provided the structure and repairs necessary to perform the complete interior restoration. The building opened in 1881 and is the second oldest Smithsonian building on the Na- tional Mall. Interestingly in 1976 Grunleys predecessor firm Grunley-Walsh Construc- tion restored the interior of this historic museum to its original appearance. Grunley was honored to have been selected to restore this beautiful building once again. Grunley replaced the existing copper and slate roofing with 20 gauge stainless steel and new slate to match the existing patterns. Additionally all of the roof ornaments were restored and reinstalled including several galvanized metal finials that were original to the building. The key strategy to the success of this project was the use of temporary scaffold decks. The scaffold decks provided the necessary work platform and acted as temporary roofing and lateral bracing of the exterior walls. Protecting the historic fabric was of the utmost importance and the scaffold decks played a major role in this effort. Other scope items included demolition of the non-historic wall and floor in-fills to restore the museums vast exhibit space installation of new steel masonry and con- crete structural elements to improve seismic wind blast and snow load performance replacement of the existing windows and skylights with blast rated window assemblies and sub-frames exterior masonry and stone restoration installation of new roof drain- age snow melt and lightning arrest systems and fire protection upgrades. The project is seeking LEED NC 2.2 Gold certification. THE ARTS AND INDUSTRIES BUILDING REVITALIZATION - SHELL EXTERIOR ENCLOSURE AND STRUCTURAL IMPROVEMENTS Washington DC PROJECT AWARDS Associated General Contractors of Metro Washington Renovation Restoration Award 2013 Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award for Thermal and Moisture Protection Prospect Waterproofing Company 2014 Craftsmanship STAR Award for Technical Excellence Scaffolding Rigging Scaffold Resource LLC 2012 OWNER Smithsonian Institution DATE OF AWARD November 2010 COMPLETION DATE March 2014 CONTRACT AMOUNT 43M ARCHITECT Ennead Architects SmithGroup