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RENOVATION Grunley is a nationally recognized leader in interior and exterior building construction particularly when performed in the context of a phased occupied urban renovation or modernization. We have success- fully restored or modernized more than 65 major buildings in Washington DC including some of the most prominent buildings in the City all the while ensuring that our workers the building occupants and the general public are safe. Furthermore our corporate culture staff and management systems are focused on allowing the building and its occupants to operate effectively and efficiently during the construction phase. We do this with extreme attention to protection details of both the physical and environmental elements of the building. We are experts at preserving historic fabric preventing physical damage controlling noise and ensuring appropriate air quality. Access and egress paths are carefully planned and controlled for both the occupants and the construction workers. EXTERIOR RESTORATIONS AND REPAIRS Grunley has extensive experience managing construction projects involving complete building envelope restoration and facade repairs to accurately reveal recover or represent the original state of a building. Our team of construction professionals and skilled craftsmen have performed a full range of services for building exterior restorations and repairs including masonry restoration repair or replacement of win- dows and roofs replacement of building exterior lighting with energy-efficient fixtures and installation of new lightning protection systems. Our exterior restoration and repair expertise is evident on the following projects the Ariel Rios Federal Building Facade Restoration Herbert C. Hoover Building Modernization home of the U.S. Department of Commerce IRS Headquarters Building Modernization Mary E. Switzer Building Modernization National Archives Building Renovation U.S. Treasury Main Building Modernization and Washington Monument Preservation and Stabilization all in Washington DC as well as the U.S. Customs House Complete En- velope Renovation in Philadelphia PA. HISTORIC PRESERVATION Over the past 20 years alone Grunley has completely modernized or otherwise significantly renovated andor restored 49 historic buildings. Of this number 47 of the buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places NRHP the majority of which are located in the District of Columbia. These buildings date back to the mid- to late-1800s and through the 1920s 1930s and World War II era. Twenty of the buildings are National Historic Landmarks NHL 15 additional buildings are situated within a National Historic Landmark District and two are National Memorials e.g. The Washington Monument National World War II Memorial. This is a rare U.S. government distinction given to roughly three percent of the buildings on the NRHP for its national-level historical significance.