Renovation, Tenant Fit-out and New Addition

Grunley has completed several projects at Medimmune's Frederick Manufacturing Center (FMC). Medimmune is a world leader in the biotechnical industry. The facility has initiated an ambitious expansion project to increase Medimmune’s internal manufacturing capacity for current and future market needs. As part of the expansion, Grunley was awarded numerous projects ranging in value from $50,000 to $386,000. The projects range in scope and complexity. They involve new tenant fit-outs for Medimmune staff, reconfiguration of existing laboratory spaces, small building additions, and the installation of new facilities such as overhead trolley beams, and access platforms to support their existing facility operations. As systems are already in place at FMC, the utmost care was required for working in and around an operational facility.

Project Details

Client:Fluor Enterprises, Inc.


Sector:Life Sciences/Healthcare

Contract TypesNew Construction, Renovation

Completion DateJune 1, 2013

Amount$1.7 million

Contract MethodGeneral Contracting

Architect n/a

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