National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History

Dinosaur Hall (Halls 2 – 6), Southeast Quad HVAC Renovation and Southside Improvements

Grunley completed three projects at the NMNH, a National Register of Historic Places facility, while the museum remained open and operational. First, we renovated the 35,000 SF SE Quad, constructing a new interstitial floor with office and administrative space. This project is LEED Silver certified.

Grunley also renovated the 46,000 SF Dinosaur Hall. We restored the space’s historic fabric, performing plaster repair/restoration and recreating decorative beams, columns, balconies and mouldings. Grunley constructed the new “FossiLab” and “Deep Time” paleontology exhibit, and re-created ornate historic balcony overlooks. The project laid the groundwork for improved exhibits that reflect the Smithsonian’s advancements in science. This project is LEED Gold certified.

Grunley’s third project involved renovating the South Entrance and upgrading Baird Auditorium systems. We modernized the entrance by adding new accessibility switchback walkways; modifying the existing stairs, plazas and portico; refurbishing stone, cast iron, and bronze fixtures; and restoring the decorative historic iron gate. During all three projects, we upgraded the mechanical, electrical systems fire/life safety, security, and emergency power systems that support the renovated spaces.

Project Details

Client:Smithsonian Institution

Location:Washington, D.C.


ContractSouthside Improvements

TypesRenovation, Restoration

Completion DateNovember 15, 2020

Amount$24.4 million

Contract MethodGeneral Contracting

Architect Quinn Evans

ContractDinosaur Hall


Completion DateAugust 15, 2017

Amount$25.7 million

Contract MethodGeneral Contracting

Architect Ewing Cole

ContractSoutheast Quad HVAC Renovation


Completion DateJuly 1, 2016

Amount$18.4 million

Contract MethodGeneral Contracting

Architect EwingCole

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