FDR Prayer Wall at National World War II Memorial

FDR Prayer Wall at National World War II Memorial

Grunley provided preconstruction and construction services for the addition of the new Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) D-Day Prayer Wall at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. The wall is positioned on the north of the existing Memorial and incorporates bronze ropes, olive wreaths, and gold stars. The wall features three granite bands with a center band and provides a bench for seating that matches the benches currently existing in the National WWII Memorial. The bronze D-Day Prayer Plaque is supported by a dark metal frame from below that was designed to allow the plaque to visually float above the stone base. The plaque features raised gold lettering on a dark bronze patina with the body text organized into five columns. The FDR D-Day Prayer Plaque is lit by soft, low-level lights that emphasize the circular space and complement the new landscaping.

Project Details

Client:Friends of the National World War II Memorial

Location:Washington, D.C.


Contract TypeNew Construction

Completion DateDecember 30, 2022

Amount$1.6 million

Contract MethodConstruction Management at Risk

Architects Oehme, van Sweden

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