Grunley Awarded $8.75 Million Memorial Restoration Project

Grunley Awarded $8.75 Million Memorial Restoration Project

February 21, 2019

Grunley Awarded $8.75 Million Memorial Restoration Project

U.S. National Park Service selects Grunley to restore Thomas Jefferson’s national shrine.

The U.S. National Park Service has awarded Grunley Construction Company, Inc. a $8.75 million contract to perform the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Roof and Portico Restoration project in Washington, DC. The 15-month project will include cleaning the memorial’s marble and limestone surfaces, repairing the stone, and replacing the existing waterproofing and roofing systems.

Grunley will perform laser cleaning techniques to remove the black biofilm (a microbial colony of algae, fungi and bacteria) seen growing on upper portions of the memorial. The large marble “tiles” covering the portico facing the Tidal Basin will be lifted to replace the deteriorated waterproofing below. Stone will also be repaired at the portico and colonnade ceilings, and new roof drains and internal rain leaders will be installed. The roof repairs will consist of replacing the two-flat upper and lower roofs that circle the dome to keep the building watertight and dry.

“We’re delighted to perform the restoration of this national landmark that celebrates one of the most important American Founding Fathers. We are honored to have been selected for the opportunity to restore this beautiful tribute to his legacy,” says Grunley’s president, Chip Scott.

Work at the memorial will begin in February 2019 and is expected to reach substantial completion in May 2020. The Jefferson Memorial will remain open to the public throughout the project.

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