Grunley’s New Project Wins

Grunley’s New Project Wins

August 15, 2023

Grunley’s New Project Wins

Last week was a great week for Grunley, with three project wins, securing more than $150 million of work! A few of our recent project wins include:

Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) Secure Admin/Ops Facility (SAOF) Phase 4 Nolan Building Renovation

Last Friday, Grunley was awarded a $90.6 million contract to perform the Phase 4 Nolan Building Renovation project at Fort Belvoir, Virginia! The Nolan Building was constructed in 1989 as the headquarters of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). Three phases of work were necessary, and performed by other contractors, prior to the advertisement of the Phase 4 work. Phase 1 consisted of construction of a parking structure that was completed in 2014. Phases 2/3 consisted of the construction of a new 381,839 SF addition that surrounds the original, existing Nolan Building.

Grunley’s win for Phase 4 will include the construction of the complete renovation of the original 235,000 SF Nolan Building which consists of four stories, two of which are sub-grade levels. The project will include comprehensive interior and exterior renovation. New construction will include SCIF and non-SCIF sections of office and administration areas, open office suites, training areas and classrooms, conference areas, reprographics area, and security lobby area. Additional new spaces and facility/systems will include stairways, elevators, general circulation, MEP, telecommunications/data areas, building information systems (BAS), and fire alarm and mass notification system and Energy Monitoring Control Systems (EMCS) that require connection to the existing Phase 2/3 central system. Unique features will include corridor connections to the adjacent Phase 2/3 facility, AT/FP improvements to the existing superstructure, exterior building envelope, minor additions to the current building (pedestrian bridges and reconfigured entrance lobby roof), storage and reuse of selective existing HVAC chillers, sequencing of this work with existing adjacent occupied (Phase 2/3) facilities due to interdependency of existing egress stairways, and site specific security requirements.

MPO Core 4-2 and 4-3 Renovations

Grunley has been awarded a $30 million contract to perform the complete renovation of Core 4-2 and 4-3 at Fort Meade, Maryland.

SPL Chiller and Substation

Grunley has been awarded a $33 million contract to perform a SPL Chiller and Substation project at Fort Meade, Maryland.