How a project starts lays the foundation for how it finishes. At Grunley, we adhere to this guiding principle throughout our preconstruction services. Our dedicated team, comprised of experts in both design and construction, collaborates closely with clients, designers, and engineering professionals. We offer a comprehensive range of preconstruction services, including scope development, virtual design coordination, BIM modeling, conceptual estimating, value engineering, constructability reviews, site logistics and safety planning. By integrating our project management and field operations personnel into the preconstruction process, we ensure a seamless transition from planning to execution. At Grunley, we prioritize achieving a harmonious balance between scope, budget, and schedule to deliver successful outcomes for every project.

Great Construction Begins at Preconstruction

We empower clients with our informed perspective, extensive experience, and cutting-edge technology to collaborate on developing optimal strategies and solutions during the preconstruction phase. Early planning, well-defined roles, and a team-oriented approach streamline our processes, guaranteeing the delivery of unparalleled service.

Accurate Budgets
We understand current market rates and how supply and demand affect costs and timelines. Our thorough assessment of strategies and goals, combined with our adept use of building technologies, ensures your project starts on the right track.

Constructability Reviews
By fully understanding your requirements, your goals, and the intricacies of your project, we can deliver what you want without sacrificing performance, quality, or design intent. We help owners and designers make the right decisions for the project at the right time.

Scheduling and Site Logistics Planning
We believe that it is never too early to properly plan the construction phasing, access and site logistics. Careful consideration for the surrounding community is always paramount. Grunley’s extensive experience with occupied renovations in limited space makes us an industry expert in safely working in tight conditions.