Virtual Design and Construction

At Grunley, we embrace innovation to improve project outcomes. We leverage best-in-class virtual design and construction (VDC) tools and expertise to provide value to our partners by mitigating risk, identifying conflicts, shortening timelines, and improving communication.

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building reality captures

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preconstruction analysis

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historic structures analyzed

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bridges surveyed


Grunley uses VDC to understand a project in its earliest stages.  By creating and using 3D models, we get the entire projects team involved in understanding the design during preconstruction. Our process is transparent and collaborative.

  • Model Estimation
  • Model Simulation (4D, 5D)
  • Logistics Planning Models
  • Clash Coordination
  • Digital Project Execution Planning

Reality Capture

Grunley uses the latest technology to capture and analyze projects. We specialize in complex scans with the goal of getting the whole picture.  Even if it means crawling through access tunnels or hanging a scanner over 200-foot drops.  Preserving history and knowing exact as-built conditions gives Grunley invaluable tools for constructing iconic spaces.

  • Capture existing conditions
  • Capture historic conditions
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)


Using technology, we build with more precision and efficiency. By using the model and reality capture, we can ensure your building is built right the first time.

  • Installation verification
  • Mockup models
  • Models in the field

Data Analytics

BIM generates an abundance of data. Grunley leverages this information during all phases of construction.  By using reality capture and AI, we can track progress to make strategically guided decisions.

  • Floor flatness and wall plumb analysis
  • Progress tracking
  • Building Operation

Facilities Management

Grunley's experience has delivered complex and rich databases for operation and maintenance of buildings and campuses.

  • Asset Databases
  • Asset Models
  • Data collection and asset tagging
  • FM system planning and consulting


In 2023, Grunley launched ICONIQ to help architects, engineers, and contractors leverage innovative solutions to improve the building process. The group provides services that further our clients’ investments in technology to help design and build buildings, and create more data visibility across the entire project team.

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